We asked ourselves what our ideal whisky would be, the answer brought us two-fold. The blend of our award-winning malt whisky and wheat whisky, both aged in Australian red wine barrels, perfectly complement one another. Two-Fold is proudly versatile. Make a highball with soda and the aromatic spicy character comes through. Stir up a boulevardier and taste the baking spices. Try Two-Fold and tonic and you’ll start wondering why you need gin in your life.

Tasting Notes

Beginning / An Australian double-grain whisky. For depth, we use malted barley, just like our Nova. For an aromatic, dry flavour, we use Australian wheat.

Middle / Lightly charred or steamed barrels. Sourced from Australian wineries that make great shiraz, cabernets and pinot noirs. Often filled fresh when the barrel is still wet with wine. We mature each whisky separately in Melbourne’s wildly varied climate, then deftly combine.

End / Smooth as silk. Spiced vanilla, tropical fruits and cereal characters rounded with red apples and berries.

Future / Easy-drinking when neat or on ice. Try a Two-Fold and tonic and you might be tempted to bin the gin.

ABV / Proof
40% / 80 Proof